The US presidential election will be held on November 3. However, voting began much earlier – due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people participated in it by correspondence. In this article, we will publish the results of the US presidential elections as soon as they are announced.

US Presidential Election: Results [DATA, TERMIN]

Current election results provided by CNN:

  • Joe Biden – 253 electoral votes
  • Donald Trump – 217 electoral votes

President of the United States of America It is elected every four years by the United States Electoral College, which meets on the first Monday after the second Wednesday of the last month of the year, which is exactly December 14, 2020. College members are elected on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November by popular vote.

Long live the US elections. Results, polls, leaks

US presidential elections It will be held on November 3, 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, postal voting began two weeks prior to that date. US presidential election results We will announce as soon as it is published.

2020 US Presidential Election: History, Rules and Candidates [SONDAŻE]

US Presidential Election: The Rules

President of the United States of America He was not elected by a majority vote. Americans in Presidential election Voting for the electoral list and electing voters to represent the political party (Democrats or Republicans) and the country concerned. The number of eligible electors for a particular state depends on the population of a particular state.

If Donald Trump wins the vote in a particular state, all local voters at the Electoral Convention will choose that candidate. However, votes are not allocated automatically: history knows of cases of so-called adulterous electors who vote differently from the majority of the state.

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There are a total of 538 electors who make up the United States Electoral College.

A candidate for president requires votes from 270 electors to win.

Profiles of the candidates for the presidency of the United States of America:

US Presidential Election 2020: The Candidates [KANDYDACI NA PREZYDENTA USA 2020]

W US presidential election Donald Trump and Joe Biden will start. Both politicians have already chosen their potential alternatives. Donald Trump – if he wins elections – He will be accompanied by Mike Pence and Biden – Kamala Harris.