Anna Lewandowska continues to please her. On social media, another picture was shown on the yacht. One element attracts special attention.


Instagram / Pictured: Anna Lewandowska

Anna Lewandowska is vacationing this year with Robert Lewandowski and her daughters, Laura and Clara, in Mallorca. You can see that they feel good in this place. Anna often posts photos from the trip on social media.

This time, photos of the yacht were posted on the Internet. Lewandowska presented herself in creating a completely different color than before. She wore pink and orange. She showed her character traits again.

Her stomach muscles may grab your attention. You can clearly see how much time the coach spends on training and the effects it brings. This number is perhaps the envy of a 33-year-old woman.

Robert and Anna Lewandowski recently bought a property in Mallorca. The footballer is doing his best to soon make Spain a permanent home for his family.

Lewandowski intends to move to Barcelona. So far, however, the club from Catalonia can reach an agreement with Bayern Munich.

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