Prince Harry is said to have shown his true face with a new narcissistic project on Netflix.

This claim was made by Sky News Host Andrew Bolt said, “Sophie, can you tell me the real secret, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say they fled Britain to get privacy from the intrusive media.”

But now they are coming to the UK with the film crew to produce a documentary that depicts all the good deeds. Sophie, am I a little surprised if their definition of privacy is a little different from their definition of privacy? “

“And I, Andrew, I mean, seriously, this super-vigilant narcissistic couple have done nothing but be the center of attention since they fled the UK.”

“You know, they made podcasts, they made books, they made sad operas, I mean they go on and on, Andrew. I think a lot of people are sick and tired of hearing their news, and I know I definitely am.”

“But I really mean they’ll be private, they’ll be in the spotlight when you sign up for Netflix, and I mean Spotify, Andrew is still working.”

He concluded, “But you know exactly what shows the true colors of Meghan and Harry, and I would be very happy if I didn’t hear more about them. To be completely honest, I’m totally sick and tired of them.”

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