Sign language lessons started at the local cultural center in Urla.

Classes are conducted free of charge for people who have previously declared their willingness to participate in them. It is organized by the Center in the East Association. The lessons are given by Ewa Chukovica, the wife of a particularly Orthodox priest, who also took part in the lessons.

Students are located near Bielsko, Urla, Dziadkowice, Meljecci and Klizkzell.

Training in the basics of sign language is carried out as part of the “PełnoAktywni-SamoSprawni” project implemented by the grant of the Active Citizens Program – National Fund, funded by EEA Katarzyna Kamecka-Lach explains. The first day of sign language training is over! Can you believe we already know the entire alphabet?

In addition, the participants learned the basic principles of communication with a deaf or deaf person. In such communication, the most important thing is to maintain eye contact, thanks to which, in addition to the words being read with the movement of the hands or the mouth, the interlocutor can also read the feelings expressed by facial expressions.

To attract or attract the attention of a deaf person, you should gently tap on his shoulder (but not on his back or other parts of his body), and if he is far away, you can gently throw it, because, for example, a piece of paper rolled up in the form of a ball, but to hit the parts lower body. However, this model only applies to people we already know. Otherwise, it can be read as uncultivated.

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This is just the beginning of the seasons…


First-class photos (Centrum na Wschodzie Association):