The highway wheel spins faster and faster. As expected, Wroclaw beat Zielona Gora. Lublin was not high, but won together with Leszno, confirming his aspirations, let’s say it frankly, the title of champion. Will the club’s sporting level of the southeast wall be as high as the ability to raise money for the Lublin Expressway? Lublin was honing in on the podium last year, but now he has more money and a better squad. He became one of the favorites of “Majster”.

But fans at the Olimpijskie, fans of the “Bulls” or the fan fleet of Gorzów Wielkopolski dream the same thing. After all, it’s different from last season, when there was only one favorite, Unia Leszno. Now there is no such clear preference, and it probably won’t even be the playoffs. It is only better to promote the fast track in Poland.

However, this is a distant future. Meanwhile, the European Junior Pairs Championship (up to 19 years old) will take place on Saturday in Poland. The competition, which has the official name “European Under-19 Motorcycle Pairs Cup”, will begin at 15.00 in Gdansk at the stadium, whose sponsor is the late Polish actor, born in Vilnius, Zbigniew Podlevski. Seven teams will start: Piao Zeroni, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Latvia and Germany. Each team has the right to have two players on the main team and one on the reserve team. Everyone except Germany, who will come without a reserve, is benefiting from it.

Mateusz Cerniak and Bartomij Kowalski defend our colors and – as a backup – Michau Korzetek. This is the first official MEJ Par Championship in this age group, but this one didn’t come from nothing. Earlier, for three years, she played her predecessor; European Cup. First in Slovakia (2018), then in the Czech Republic (2019), and finally in Germany (2020). It is worth boasting that the first grand prize was won by the Poles, represented by Jakob Mikowiak, Wiktor Trofimo and Szimon Zlauderbach. A year later, Denmark won, and last year – the Czech Republic.

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I am honored to be the honorary sponsor of MEJ Par. Anyway, it is another international youth championship competition under my honorary auspices. This year, for the sixth year in a row, I will be the IM الJ Honorary Sponsor. I was also a DMEJ sponsor twice (and the Poles won twice, which isn’t surprising anyway). Finally, I was also an IMEJ sponsor – and I also played in Gdansk, last fall, when Poland served as a fire brigade, saving IMEJ, which was canceled in Hungary due to the pandemic.

The competition will be held the day after tomorrow. Finally with the fans! I think that in the end we will hear the most beautiful melody in the world – “Mazurka Dąbrowskiego” …