Taking into account the actions taken by the Russian Federation towards Ukraine and the Academy of Physical Education and Sport Jędrzeja Śniadeckiego in Gdansk carried out activities dedicated to the academic communities of the occupied country as well as candidates for studies, which provided the opportunity to start and continue education and support the faculty in their professional work.

In connection with the above, AWFiS sends this letter to the partner universities of Ukraine and also publishes it on the website.

• We enroll in a free Polish language course for candidates and students, which will allow you to find yourself in this difficult situation in Poland faster. The course will start in mid-March, and classes will take place twice a week. The topics of the chapters focus on vocabulary related to satisfying basic life needs and dealing with formal matters,

• We enable the initial registration of free studies for refugee candidates from Ukraine who want to start studying at AWFiS in the academic year 2022/2023 in Polish in the following areas: physical education, sports, tourism, hospitality, physiotherapy, cosmetology, occupational therapy, sports diagnosis, nutrition in sports, recreation and personal trainer and fitness, physical activity, environmental therapy or English in the fields of: physical education and sports (second degree), tourism and hospitality, occupational therapy and cosmetology.

• We offer free follow-up studies for refugee students from Ukraine in the following areas: physical education, sports, tourism, recreation, physiotherapy, cosmetology, occupational therapy with refugee status or Paul Card. We announce the creation of specialist groups or enable an individual course of study (we will organize issues of unlocking learning outcomes individually),

• We launch a special aid fund for 20 refugee students from Ukraine who will study at our university,

• We make it possible to fill a temporary position in a semester for ten professors from Ukraine studying in Polish or English in the field of health sciences,

• We enable research internships for 10 physicians and doctoral students, who will be offered paid tuition in studies, postgraduate studies and other forms of education.

Detailed information on the rules for admission of candidates to students, continuing studies, practical and research training of lecturers and doctoral students, and the Polish language course(s) offered is provided by: