Ten hours or so ago, also in Great Britain, we found out once again that the judges in boxing can do anything: even win the fight of a lifetime. Of course I’m talking about the Taylor-Caterall match.

Okolie – Cieślak: So that there is no silence after the storm

Michał Cieślak did not fulfill his dream of becoming the fifth world boxing champion in Poland. The English competitor was better, and knowing Micha, I know that he, like most great athletes of character, would not accept the praise of “You did well, you fought like a lion,” because he did not fly to London to be patted on the back only to fetch the WBO belt. I didn’t hear in London that anyone on the team blamed the referee for the defeat, which certainly didn’t make the fans watching the duel more fun, nor easier. For Cieślak, but that’s not why the pole left the loop without a belt.

For the undersigned, it will be more important than what has already happened, how now the career of one of the best, if not the best, Polish boxers has come.

With an aggressive fighting style, 32-year-old Michai has two years of work ahead of him at one hundred percent of his abilities. Before the duel, when asked if he was ready, he rightly answered, “If not now, then when?”. The question remains even more important now after the defeat. Of course, Pole should take a break from boxing, and perhaps return with a strong, but not world-class contender at a party in Poland (although not necessarily), but then he has to return to the duels that bring him closer to the championship fight.

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I wrote that the next Cieślak fight doesn’t necessarily have to take place in Poland, because Eddie Hearen, head of Matchroom Boxing, has heard about doping and the number of thousands of “Polish” tickets sold for the concert at the O2 Arena. But Great Britain doesn’t have to be the site of Mishaw’s next match, because Matchroom Boxing fights all over the world, so in the United States there will be something for him as well. There will also be the opportunity to do it in the United States, something that coach Andrzej Liczik has been wanting for a long time – a full training camp, with rival partners offering different fighting styles. Perhaps it will not be cheap, but I will repeat Mikhail’s question – if not now, then when? “

Hearn O’Caterall-Taylor: This was his first and last chance in his life

Although the fight between Mishaw Chillac and Lawrence Okoley for the WBO World Champion belt ended, promoter Eddie Hearn couldn’t resist commenting – and intensely – in London on refereeing Jack Caterall’s fight with undisputed world champion Josh Taylor. Let’s mention: Taylor had a bunch of ultra-lightweight belts on Saturday, fought with the practically unknown Englishman Caterall and in the opinion of 95% of journalists who watched the fight, the champ lost. The rulers saw it differently, awarding the Scotsman a point victory.

“Fist umpires are people who could end up with one decision, or break an athlete’s career. Jack Caterall will never have a chance to become the undisputed world champion. Such a situation will never happen again in his life,” Hearn said, exasperated by the situation.

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The promoter was not interested in fighting Caterall and Taylor, and was not representing the Englishman, but noted that the judges in boxing were and still enjoy impunity. “Every one of us is responsible for what he does, so we take responsibility. Well, almost everyone, because the referee is not responsible for anything. This is not league football, where you can make a mistake in 90 minutes and nothing will happen. It happens, the game is going on and in Worst case, you’ll be playing the next game in a few days. Jack Caterall had one chance in his life to make history, he used it, and he’ll never get one again.”

Immediately after the fight, Taylor ruled out a rematch with Caterall, saying he “won convincingly and there is no need to do that, and in any case I will change the weight class”, but according to British media, he is now considering a rematch in a new weight class, middle weight. It will not be easy, even though Jack will offer anything to face him again, said the England player’s promoter, Ben Shalom. “It would be realistic for us to meet in the traditional weight class, especially since the championship belts would not be at stake.”

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