Piotr “Grabo” Grabowski, who hails from the neighborhood of Radomsko, is a professional dunker, current runner-up in the world in basketball, and dunk winner during the European Championships. As he says, he feels good because he loves what he does. However, she is not resting on her laurels. As his appetite grows while eating, he intends to win the world championship. Grabo told us about his life and dreams.

His height is 184 cm, his jump is 121 cm … and at his expense Global runner-up in dunks. 24 years Peter Grabowskiknown in the environment as “grabo”She lives in Pławno (several kilometers from Radomsko in ód province) and trains intensely to keep fit and delight in the developments under the basket. It happens that he is already sitting on suitcases, because he still travels around the world, participating in shows and competitions. Grabo won the world runner-up title at the Dunks in 2019, and now intends to win the championship.

everything It started… with a plastic box in the neighbor’s garden. Here he started playing basketball and made him interested in the NBA. Killing time turned into a passion. At the end of playing in the club MKS Junak Radomsko Piotr began to get acquainted with the world of dunkers, that is, players who specialize in putting the ball into the basket. Already as a student Electrical and Electronic Schools Complex In Radomsko, he delighted the audience with his immersion. After school he graduated from the University of Physical Education in Katowice.

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