PGE Ekstraliga is relentlessly approaching the halfway point of its main stage. In Betard Sparta Wrocław’s last six matches, Tai Woffinden has averaged 1,941 points per race, placing him 15th in the rankings of the most effective players in the first division. Although not many players dream of such a thin figure, it should be a great dismay to the three-time world champion. The magic two-dot streak in each run seemed to be a barrier to fitness for him. Given that his stats have already increased with the combination obtained in the home match against the red lighthouse from Ostrów Wielkopolski, it is probably time to start shivering about the Briton’s actions.

Does Woffinden explain the turmoil in the world of auto mechanics? If so, that’s somewhat less. Unofficially, the Englishman is said to have decided to end his collaboration with Ryszar Kowalski and today Ashley Holloway is in charge of his payment units. The weaker shape of the tuner fee from Cierpice near Toruń is no excuse, because the Sparta leader is unable to achieve optimum speeds even after switching to machines from his countryman’s workshop.

In the crisis, champion Petard lost not only Sparta Wroclaw – who would now be shaken to enter the play-off stage if regulations from last year’s games were still in place – but also himself. After two rounds of the Grand Prix cycle, his three-time winner is currently 10th in the general classification, which does not even allow him to remain in the elite for another year. The situation is getting more and more dangerous, but the calendar can be an unexpected help for the inhabitants of the island. The fight for the Singles World Championships is coming to Prague this weekend, on a track known to Woffinden. The 31-year-old sang the national anthem three times on the grass at the local Marketa Stadium. If there is a place in the world where he can rebuild his position and threaten the impulse Zmarzlik, Michelsen or Janowski, it is the capital of the Czech Republic.

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Even worse, if the origins of the British crisis lay not in external conditions, but in the mental sphere of the knight himself. Woffinden, in his twenties, has dominated the world of black sports for nearly a decade. Three times the world’s best motorway racer, he earned legend status in Wroclaw, and co-created a team that won Great Britain’s first gold medal in nearly thirty years. After such a huge period, it can be difficult for him to find new layers of motivation, and he himself often tries to fulfill himself also in other areas of life. For some time now, he has been running a YouTube channel where he posts vlogs regularly.