Thanasi Kokkinakis won the title for the first time in his career in the main course competition. The Australian, who has struggled with injuries for many years, won the ATP 250 championship in his hometown of Adelaide.

Rafai Smolensky

Thansi Kokinakis, Adelaide Champion

Getty Images / Sarah Reed / Pictured: Adelaide’s Champion Thansi Kokinakis

Tanasi Kokinakis played for the title for the first time in August 2017 in Los Cabos, Mexico, where American player Sam Querrey was better. The Australian then struggled with injuries and lost several weeks. Last season, he played in two rivals, but only the beginning of 2022 brought a significant improvement in his game.

Last week, Kokinakis reached the semi-finals of the ATP 250 tournament in Adelaide. He has now taken another step forward and reported on the final. In it he had to face Arthur Renderknik. The French also excelled in the inaugural Tour Championship, so Saturday’s final was interesting.

The match was incredibly well-balanced with two sets. The tennis players gave an excellent performance and none of them could break through. So the tie breaks turned out to be crucial. In the first match, Rinderknech defended the group ball and closed the group. In the second batch, the French led 2-0 in the tiebreak, but then Kokkinakis ruled the court.

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After two sets there was a draw and it became necessary to play the third match. After the match resumed after a toilet break, the Australian took advantage of his weaker opponent’s pass and scored a goal. Now the 25-year-old from Adelaide is focused on maintaining his edge. The service is no longer. In the ninth match he attacked again and finished the match with the second match.

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In the last allowance on Saturday, Kokkinakis beat Renderknic in 2 hours 38 minutes, 6:7 (6), 7:6 (5), 6:3. Thanks to this victory, he will move up a dozen places in the ATP rankings and will be within One step back to the top 100.

I don’t want to win my first title anywhere else. It has been a long journey for me, my family, my friends and my coach. You’ve seen me go up and down. But now I’m very happy – said Kokkinakis, who remembers having been training on the courts in Adelaide since the age of eight.

Wesley Koelhoff and Neil Skopsky won the doubles title on Saturday. Ranked number three, the Dutch and the British defeated Uruguayan-Ecuadorean duo Ariel Behar and Gonzalo Escobar 7:6 (5), 6:4. They repeated the success of last week’s ATP 250 competition in Melbourne. Kolhof won the ninth doubles cup in the round, and Skopsky – the eighth.

Adelaide International 2, Adelajda (Australia)
ATP 250, hard courts, total prize money of 430.5 thousand. dollar
Saturday 15 January

singles final:

Thanci Koukinakis (Australia, WC) by Arthur Rinderknech (France) 6:7(6), 7:6(5), 6:3

My husband is final:

Wesley Kolhoff (Netherlands, 3) / Neil Skopsky (UK, 3) B Ariel Behar (Uruguay, 6) / Goncalo Escobar (Ecuador, 6) 7-6 (5) 6-4

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Will Tanase Kokinakis go on to win the ATP Championship in 2022?

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