We make for you a great place in the heart of Pozna in Grunwald. A space filled with the scent of hot dishes and fresh herbs as well as the bustle of your conversations during Sunday family dinners and evening gatherings with loved ones.

Here, under a tall skyscraper, on the famous Taborowa Street, where we will soon open the doors of the famous Olimpia restaurant, in which we breathe a completely new life. From May 28, we will invite you on a scenic journey through the enchanting places of Pozna, which you will be able to get acquainted with by the unique frescoes throughout the restaurant, and our chef will take you on a tour of various flavors – those that you have not yet had the opportunity to try and those who will take you to The kitchen of your family’s homes. On the menu you will find Italian, American and Polish dishes, which will dabble in the beloved Poznan pancakes, and thus – our roots! For example, Jeżycka’s pizza.

We want to celebrate with you all the moments that matter to you – we have extensive experience in organizing special events, for companies and families alike. We prepare all events with attention to the smallest detail, as if we were organizing them for our close friends.

However, our mission is also to make ordinary everyday life also a reason to celebrate. Visit us with your families during afternoon walks, invite your friends and loved ones out for a little coffee date – you really can be with us.

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By obeying the story, we decided to write our own. We sincerely hope that you want to become a part of it. on our site Facebook account You will find the current menu. Also search for our country Instagram profile. We warmly invite you to Olimpia Restaurant, Taborowa 8.