May 27 2022, 11:14 am

Hangar No. 13 has other problems. The creators of Mafia 3 are experiencing a wave of layoffs and a painful restructuring.


  • Hangar No. 13 is undergoing extensive restructuring.
  • Several employees were dismissed from the studio and a new person took over as president.
  • The company is now fully focused on the two upcoming projects.

Hangar 13 has had problems almost since its first production launch. Mafia 3 because she sold out Expectations belowwhat led to First layoffs In the company.

In the following years, this trend only intensified. Developers were fired or left on their own, and subsequent projects thrown into the trash. We’re dealing with the same process now, but it’s much more radical.

studio without purpose

As the site knows KotakuAnd the Hangar 13 had trouble retaining employees for a long time. Developers were leaving the company regularly due to many factors.

The studio hadn’t had any project the developers could focus on for that long. Within a few years, several productions were canceled, despite the fact that one of them (titled Work Volt) $ 50 million was previously invested.

The Take-Two Hangar 13 was also considered a good source of additional labor. Studio staff have been regularly redirected to other sites to help develop games like Wonders of Tiny TinaAnd the Kerbal Space 2 if Midnight from Marvel.

This organization of work meant that many developers decided to leave studio ranks and look for work elsewhere. Of course, this did not have a positive effect on the team’s already weak performance.

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Painful restructuring

2K apparently decided that the studio could not be saved without taking drastic steps. So the company decided to start a large-scale restructuring.

It turns out that the first step is to speed up the process of reducing the number of employees. Individual units in Hangar 13 experienced a wave of layoffs.

The most dangerous of them hit Hangar 13 Novato, and nearly 50 developers bid farewell to it. This is a significant reduction in staffing given that the branch employed a total of 87 people.

The company also has a new president – Nick Baines. He replaced Haden Blackman, who resigned.

The new leader assured that the studio would not experience any layoffs, and that everyone who remained in their positions would be welcome team members.

Hangar 13 finally has projects to focus on, too. The company is working on two new games, and according to Bynes, it will devote its full attention to them.

The first is prequel mafiawhich will transport players to Italy and use the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 5. The second is Hummer ProjectWhich, according to Kotaku sources, will be the next installment of the tennis series Top Spin.

It remains to be hoped that this time around Hangar 13 will be able to complete the above projects, and studio staff will not have to worry about further layoffs.

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