The largest number of illegal immigrants from Cuba in more than 40 years has arrived at the southern border of the United States in the past eight months, according to estimates by the online daily CiberCuba based on data from the US state administration.

The portal, citing statistics from the US Customs and Border Protection, indicated that between October 2021 and May 2022, 140.6 thousand people tried to enter the US borders, especially the southern ones, illegally. Cubans.

“Only in May of this year, 25.6 thousand Cuban citizens tried to illegally cross the US border,” CiberCuba noted.

One electronic journal noted that in recent decades, an equally large exodus of Cuban citizens to the United States was recorded only in 1980, when more than 125,000 people arrived in the country in just seven months. People.

According to the US administration, since October 2021, the largest number of illegal immigrants came to the United States from Mexico – 570.4 thousand. People. Guatemala is in second place with 156,4 thousand. people, and the third – Cuba.

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