Uma Thurman and Jack Whitehall lead the cast of the comic short to celebrate the launch of their new streaming service, Paramount+.

The film, which was shot in the UK, follows a nervous new intern named Paramount Pet as Jack Whitehall wanders the studio trying to deliver hundreds of coffee orders to the famous faces there.

His journey is to donate mugs of hot beverages to stars like Christina Ricci, Miranda Cosgrove, Trixie Mattel, Sonicua Martin Green, Master Chef’s Hello and Just Face from the Scream movie series.

The two-minute video shows Jack Whitehall driving Pete in a golf cart after Uma Thurman hands him the keys – starring Nauma Harris.

This comes ahead of this week’s Paramount+ launch.

Uma Thurman welcomes a new intern at the start of a star-studded short film (Photo: Paramount+/SWNS) Read more related articles Read more related articles

To create a buzz on the new streaming service, the magic of Hollywood arrives tomorrow (Tuesday, June 21) in Birmingham – with a spectacular drone show featuring 600 drones.

The geniuses behind the Queen’s Jubilee drone show, who delighted millions by displaying a light over Buckingham Palace with images of a giant corgi, are once again working their magic.

The nine-minute show, which used more than 400 drones for the anniversary, will bring a Hollywood extravaganza to Los Angeles, more than 5,000 miles from its name in the West Midlands.

The drones will fly 600 feet above Hollywood Golf Club in Bromsgrove at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 21, recreating iconic characters and scenes from Star Trek, Spongebob SquarePants and Mission: Impossible.

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Mungo Denison, co-founder and director of SKYMAGIC, the company behind the Queen’s Jubilee drone show, said: “This show has taken months to develop due to the attention to detail required to faithfully reproduce the various characters we portray.

“It’s fun after Paramount’s most famous characters and iconic panels. This is an exceptional programming group.

“It’s the biggest drone show the UK has ever seen, and where it’s best to show content, but in Hollywood. We’ll light the night there.”

The drone show will also include a QR code for viewers to scan and receive a free seven-day trial of the streaming service.

Paramount+ will be available in the UK and Ireland from June 22, and will feature exclusive originals, Paramount Pictures movies, and a wide selection of the most popular shows – including HALO, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, First Lady, and kids’ favorite Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years and Paw Patrol: The Movie.

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