Listen and try to find something that might stay in your head, maybe in your hearts, and it won’t remind you that we have been playing for so many years.

Up to five long years, LADY PANK fans have been waiting for the band’s new and groundbreaking songs.

The group decided to celebrate their 40th birthday with twelve songs from the album “LP40”, which will spark a wave of endorphins, especially among fans who have fallen in love with LADY PANK’s work for its modest and catchy melodies and the sounds of pop rock. The group has successively won the audience and topped the charts since the start of his career in the 1980s. On the album you can find hit tunes like in “Stay with Me,” which charmed the band with on the 1986 album “Two Who Stole the Moon,” or strong guitar tones in the composition “Erasm,” which might resemble “Castles on the Sand” from the album The first for the band, which was released in 1983.

In addition to returning to the excellent sounds and melodies from the start of the band’s activity, Jan Borisevich, responsible for all compositions and arrangements on the last album, reveals once again his art as one of the most prominent artists and guitarists in the history of Polish rock. Here’s what he says about his idea for the album:

I’ve been working on LP 40 for a very long time, and I wanted to put together album compositions that would show where we are now musically. The album is varied, and the listener has space for pure contemplation and pleasure.

The new LADY PANK album also attracts attention with its very strong and expressive lyrics, which, along with successful tunes, make a greater impression on the listener. In the past five years, that is, since the premiere of the last album with the first article “Love and Power”, which was released in 2016, the whole world has been turned upside down and nothing seemed normal to us until recently, like going to a concert. It is not clear today or even possible. It is the preliminary review of recent social, political and cultural events that are mostly described in texts on the LP40, the song “This Can’t Be Taken From Us”.

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Singer Janusz Panasewicz recounts the exceptional circumstances in which the album was created:

I don’t know which album is ours, but the time when it was recorded will remain in our memory for a long time. For the first time in my life, on a beautiful fall in October, I was coming into the studio with a mask all over my face, as if I wanted to rob a bank. And I recorded a song with a song, day in and day out, even though we had a lot of time, as we all did in times of pandemic.

The effects of the epidemic, especially in the context of mental health, are dedicated to the single “Trees”, for which the band made an impressive video, in which they drew attention to the fact that the virus not only attacked our bodies, but it often infected our souls and minds.

The previously mentioned song “Stay with Me” also contains one of the strongest lyrics on the album, “LP40”. Condemns the hatred and the deepening of divisions in our society. He marks, in strong words, the moment of history in which we find ourselves, Poles.

Jan Borysewicz and Janusz Panasewicz recently celebrated their 65th birthday, and they spent forty years together creating LADY PANK, a group the word legend naturally sticks to. Four decades on stage, which have achieved many successes, also taught them humility and distance from oneself, which can be heard in the self-contemplative piece “Repentance”. Fortunately, it did not deprive them of the youthful energy, which the licensed “retirees” had already acquired thanks to the beautiful song “Eternal Boy” with great guitar solo at the end.

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“LP40” is one of LADY PANK’s most important albums of the past decade. The album, which was created at a completely unique time and will definitely be capitalized in the band’s recordings. This is how Janusz Panasewicz encourages us to listen:

And it was created – a little awkward, different, but we are, and I hope your album is too. Listen to it and try to find something that might stay in your head, maybe in your hearts, and it won’t remind you of that bad period for everyone, but it will only remind you that we have been playing for so many years.

Premiere of the album “LP40”: March 12, 2021; Publisher: Agora SA


Jan Borisevich – Guitar solo and singing

Janusz Panasevic – vocals

Cuba Japonsky – drums

Krzysztof Kieliszkiewicz – Bass Guitar

The musical producer of the album “LP40” is Jaroslaw Baran, in partnership with Jan Borisevic.

Track List:

  1. USA
  2. spiral
  3. They can’t take that from us
  4. Package
  5. stay with me
  6. The warmest winter in a thousand years
  7. Eternal boy
  8. Fine
  9. Cartons
  10. the trees
  11. Generations
  12. Forget