When renovating or opening a new fitness club or gymnasium, a very important component is the interior design and space planning. Where is the best place to start designing? How to create a coherent and practical space plan?

Building a gym is a very advanced project that requires the cooperation of many professionals. We’re talking architects, engineers, designers, designers, or gym equipment specialists. Each of these elements is extremely important, and above all, you should not save them.

The interior of the gym should be visually appealing. People who play sports there should feel motivated and focus on work. The decor should also help new clients direct themselves immediately in planning their individual exercise areas.

Here are some tips from the gym equipment manufacturer SportsArtThat Can Help Design Your Fitness Club Décor:

  1. Visually divide the space into zones.
  2. Help new clients navigate the gym – enter and plan gym signs.
  3. Take care of a consistent visual club identification – use colors that will clearly relate to this gym.
  4. Use different lighting variants – thanks to this, it will be easier to take useful promotional photos and encourage customers to share pictures on social media from their own training.
  5. Add accessories that uniquely define the gym.

In order to plan the space functionally, it is necessary to carefully consider the clients for whom the gym will work. The equipment and approach for the beginners will be different from the professional training for the competition.

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Every gym should have a variety of equipment that ensures comprehensive training. Among these groups of equipment can be distinguished:

  • Strength equipment (hatches, seats, semi-free weights, free weights)
  • Cardio equipment (bicycles, elliptical machines, treadmills, steppers)

To properly measure the space, it is worth using the gym styling tool. A free pre-design tool is offered by the aforementioned gym equipment manufacturer Sportsart Fitness under the name Gym Designer. In a simple diagram, you can determine the dimensions and shape of the room, and then enter specific models of equipment. At Gym Designer, you can find a multitude of gym equipment, both for its make and model. After completion, the project can be saved and created. The tool can be found here:

Highlights of Gym Designer from SportsArt:

  • Simple and easy-to-use tool
  • Wide range of gym equipment
  • Exercise equipment exact dimensions are given
  • Perfectly proportioned
  • Ability to create a project

In addition to the Gym Designer, it is possible to contact the SportsArt design department, which deals with the overall design of the gymnasium. Plus, you can do project business analysis and order fitness equipment with the SportsArt team.

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