The situation in relations with an American contractor, represented by a law firm, cannot even be called. We assess it as a negotiation, and the amounts provided by the client – the first $15 million and now $36 million, do not meet any facts and have not been proven – Krynica Vitamin SA spokesperson, Tomasz Kułakowski tells us.

  • Author: PP
  • Data: 2021-07-12, 19:20

Krynica Vitamin SA spokesperson Tomasz Kułakowski in dispute with US contractor

As Thomas Kochakovsky assured us, talks with the contractor will take place this week.

As we have already reported, American contractor Krynica Vitamin, with whom the company has been cooperating since the beginning of 2021, claims to have suffered damages of at least $15 million. Due to defective product packaging – leakage of aluminum cans and tearing of carton packaging. In addition, Krynica Vitamin announced that it received on December 7, prior to the planned negotiation meetings, from the contractor’s attorney, The information indicates an increase in the level of claims to approximately $36 million.

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Krynica Vitamin – American Contractor Claim

– The requests received in the messages received from our customers are verified by experts. Regardless of the contractor’s expectations, we must identify the cause of the reported problem and it is in our best interest to explain exactly what happened, regardless of the responsibility we do not feel at this point. This is required of us by reliability and the highest standards we use. We have many quality certificates recognized by the largest retail chains in the world and we cannot leave such comments without explanation – comments Tomasz Kułakowski.

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Krynica Vitamin – Defective boxes?

He added that the company informed the insurance company’s condition and submitted complaints to the box manufacturers regarding the production chain to the American contractor. Until the situation is clarified, Krynica Vitamin does not deliver to the contractor, nor does it execute orders on his behalf.

Krynica Vitamin also has legitimate counter-claims against the customer in relation to, among other things, beverages produced and lost, as well as raw material procurement and packaging costs. However, due to the upcoming negotiation talks and their nature, as well as the ongoing investigation, we are unable to reveal the exact subject matter and scale of counterclaims, a company spokesperson says.

She adds that both Krynica Vitamin and its customer have stated their desire to resolve the dispute primarily through good faith negotiations and in order to reach an agreement without entering into a formal dispute. To this end, both parties conduct their own investigations and keep in touch on an ongoing basis.

We will keep you informed if there are breakthrough decisions, said Kułakowski.