The UK plans to seriously tighten the law again in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This time, those who leave without good reason will be able to pay a fine of 5,000 PLN. A pound or a pound to weight.

A fine of 5,000 PLN GBP for every person attempting to travel abroad without good cause – this law may come into effect as early as Monday (29.03). New regulations to help fight the coronavirus pandemic will be voted on by UK MPs on Thursday, the BBC reported.

Currently, citizens and other residents of the United Kingdom cannot go on vacations abroad, and only good cause is allowed to leave the country. However, Parliament is seriously considering imposing a fine of around 27,000 PLN for those traveling abroad without justification.

Restrictions on travel abroad are necessary to protect yourself from bringing a large number of new cases and booms to the countryIt can put the immunization program at risk. […] We still believe that the earliest possible date for the restrictions to be lifted is May 17th. We are also seeing how the third wave of the pandemic is gaining momentum in many parts of Europe, so we want to protect the progress we have already made in fighting the epidemic. – Presentation of the government’s position Matt Hancock British Minister of Health.

As the government confirmed, some circumstances in which one can leave the country will still be taken into account, including work, education, volunteering, medical reasons, participation in weddings or funerals, and visits to an immediate family. Anyone traveling abroad must complete a “departure permit” stating a good reason for leaving the country.

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Currently, the maximum fine that can be obtained for unjustified departure from Great Britain is 200 pounds (about 1,000 PLN), which does not effectively prevent restrictions from being broken, and is often added to the costs of holiday trips.

Photo:, Press materials