Queen Elizabeth hosted Barack Obama and Michelle at Buckingham Palace many years ago. Then the British monarch asked them to leave the party. Now the ex-treasury secretary has revealed the secret of this big party.

In 2011, Queen Elizabeth hosted Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at Buckingham Palace. As it turned out, only ten years later then-treasury secretary George Osborne revealed what happened during this party. As he admitted years later in a conversation with Lord Ed Vaese, Queen Elizabeth II gave him a somewhat awkward assignment.

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Queen Elizabeth asked Barack Obama to leave the party. What happened?

“Can you tell the boss it’s late and I want to sleep?” The queen will say. As it turns out, President Barack Obama had the best of him. All because of the time difference. The time difference between Washington and London is five hours. If it’s 11pm in London, then Barack Obama, arriving from Vanishington, has the right to feel like it’s 6pm, which is when the evening has yet to start. As the former advisor recalls, at that moment he had only one thought in his head:

“Oh my God, I’ll be the one to go and tell him to go home.” It should be noted that the politician did not want to reveal how this story ended. Insider magazine reported on this occasion that the US president had made a fatal mistake earlier at the same party. The toast didn’t break when the anthem started. At that point, Barak was able to combine two facts and considered that he had been expelled from admission as punishment.

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