If you thought there were a few bike tricks that weren’t unlocked yet, Kieran Riley has probably proven you wrong. This guy specializes in carrying out the craziest ideas. He flies higher and spins faster than any BMX rider, and his recent actions only confirm our assumptions. The ceiling is still far away. so far!

On his latest project, Riley decided to raise the bar once again and, facing both custom and special hurdles, he shot the world’s first triple glow on a BMX. The stunt is impressive for hobbyists, but only those who ride a bike understand how hard it is to just unlock the stunt. Three full rear spurs, a “gentle” 180-degree swivel at the end and a perfect landing without the slightest wobble. We didn’t expect this trick to be possible, and doing it with such confidence and style was literally miraculous.

had become. A 20-year-old rider from the UK made the impossible and landed the world’s first triple glow on a BMX bike.

Watch a behind-the-scenes look at the unusual design in the above launcher

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