Blue Twelve Studio is another team that never misses an opportunity and focuses almost until their first show on improving the Stray experience. The developers have released the first update that addresses important fixes on PlayStation servers.

Within 8 days, users of PS5, PS4 and PC as well as customers of PS Plus Premium and Extra Stray will learn about the adventure of a kitten searching for its loved ones in a modern world dominated by robots. The first production of Blue Twelve Studio, which will save the gameplay for a few hours, may be one of the surprises of the summer.

Stray will likely be around 5-7 GB on PlayStation 5 and 12-13 GB on PlayStation 4, but the launch patch will increase this size by 5.7 GB – Thanks We know the size of a PlayStation gameThe studio released two patches on Sony’s servers to improve many elements of the game.

The creators have improved navigation in different places, improved running of some scripts when loading checkpoints, and attention to sound during cuts and in the entire position. Stray has also received visual and localization improvements, and “lots” of collision fixes.

We can safely assume that the team hasn’t finished fixing some of the inconveniences just yet. However, if you’re going to check out a story in a futuristic setting, prepare for a slightly longer download. Premiere patches should improve your gaming experience.