John Bercow was Speaker of the House of Commons from 2009 to 2019. He became particularly popular towards the end of his work in the role, when subsequent Brexit debates turned debates in the British Parliament into an enthusiastic reality show. His hallmark was “System!” – It means “peace”! – who always managed to call the screaming members order. Media in the British Isles counted 14,000 people saying the word within a decade. times.

The Guardian reports that an independent investigation has described Bercow as a “serial tyrant” and a liar and has been denied entry to the Palace of Westminster. This is the result of 21 complaints deemed credible, detailing the politician’s behavior.

“He has been offended by the high office he held,” Sir Stephen Irwin’s team of experts said in a statement. The previous broadcaster’s explanations were judged to be very unreliable and dishonest. If he was still a deputy, the investigators would have requested his dismissal by a decision of the Chamber. British media describe, among other things, a case in which Bercow was supposed to smash a cell phone on an employee’s desk. Another called “the damned asshole”.

The politician called the investigation “amateur.” In his opinion, the experts’ findings would not withstand five minutes of scrutiny in court, and the ban on access to Parliament could be easily circumvented by accepting a “friendly card holder”.

The Labor Party, which John Bercow joined as a former Conservative in 2021, suspended its membership in the party. Some activists demanded that leader Keir Starmer be excluded from the formation.

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Source: “The Guardian”

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