The additional equipment that was delivered in recent days to the hospital emergency department in Milek will be used as equipment for the additional recovery and treatment room. Its creation was consulted with the US Army stationed at Melek.

As we have already said, the State Strategic Reserve Agency Melek Hospital received a pacemaker, 5 mechanical chest compression devices, 5 heart monitors, 5 syringe pumps, 2 respirators and 5 drip pads.

It was clear from the start that the equipment would be used in the hospital’s emergency department. Now, however, it turns out we’re talking about equipment New recovery and treatment room.

– There was a need to prepare in the emergency department of the specialist hospital Edmund Biernacki in Mielec, an additional room for resuscitation and treatment. After consulting a doctor and medical staff in the US Army, Based in Mielec, the following equipment has been shown to be essential, including: defibrillators, defibrillators, infusion pumps and CEPAP-function ventilators — Fryderyk Kapinos, MP of Mielec said in a statement.

Our country’s participation in NATO makes this possible We can count on the presence of Allied forces on Polish soil. This is what happened recently in Mielec. American soldiers are stationed there since February of this year. It enhances our sense of security – Kabinos added.

Thanks to the politician from the parliamentary podium “Delivery of equipment worth hundreds of thousands of zlotys in such a short time.” I would like to thank in particular Mr. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Mr. Minister Adam Nidzelsky, Ms. Ewa Leniart, Voivode and Mr. Mateusz Kochemirovsky, said Frederic Kapinos.

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