President Trump is set to deliver a statement from the White House as the US presidential election continues counting, two days after voters went to the polls.

Joe Biden, in a tweet moments before the president’s appearance, repeated his comments in a press release earlier on Thursday, writing: “Every vote must be counted.”

“The people will not be silenced, intimidated or surrendered,” added the democrat leading the race.

Mr. Biden And America urged earlier to “remain calm” as the count continued.

Donald TrumpMeanwhile, he claimed he would legally challenge all of the last states the Democrats had won.

Biden, who received more than 71,000,000 votes, the largest number of votes in US history, is heading towards the 270 required electoral votes. Winning the presidency.

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“Voting in America is sacred, and it is how people in the country express their will and the will of the voters, and no one or anything else chooses the president of the United States, the United States of America,” Biden said in a press briefing on Thursday.

Therefore, every ballot must be counted, and this is what we will witness now. ”

He added, “This is how democracy should be at times chaotic, but sometimes it requires a little patience, and this patience is now being rewarded for more than 240 years with a system of government the world envies.”

“Senator Harris and I are satisfied with how things are and when the count ends, we’ll announce Senator Harris and I the winners.”

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Biden’s comments come as the Donald Trump campaign team filed new legal challenges in three major states: Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

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However, those in Michigan and Georgia were expelled on Thursday, allowing the vote count to continue.

Mr. Trump tweeted: “Everyone who Biden recently claimed that states will be legally challenged by us for voter fraud and state election fraud. Lots of evidence – just check the media. We’ll win! America first!”

The president has made repeated, unfounded allegations that the vote count was fraudulent – but Democrats say Trump is trying to distract from his potential loss to Biden by repeatedly announcing the lawsuit.

New filings by the Trump team, joining the current Republican legal appeals in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Republicans are calling for better access to campaign sites Where ballot papers are processed I promised, and raised absentee’s concerns about the vote, the campaign said.

Trump’s legal team scored a small victory on Thursday, receiving a court order granting permission to enter and monitor the count in Pennsylvania from a distance of six feet.

Trump referred to a “major legal win in Pennsylvania,” apparently to refer to the ruling, but did not provide specific context.

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When can the winner be announced?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are there 253 and 213 Electoral College votes, respectively, With the majority of results forecast already recalled.

The The winner needs to get 270 electoral votes to win the presidency The remaining states that have not been announced yet bear a different amount of those votes.

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Projections are yet to be made for six states – including the remaining four battlefield states of Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia.

Of these states, Pennsylvania is worth 20, Arizona is 11, North Carolina has a value of 15, and Georgia deserves 16 Electoral College votes.

Biden boosted his lead in Nevada, when the latest numbers were announced on Thursday, to boost his hopes of winning the state.

If Biden was able to hold Nevada for the Democrats and turn Arizona from blue to red, that would be enough for him to secure the 270 electoral votes needed to become the 46th president of the United States.

He also has other routes to the White House.

Authorities in Pennsylvania said the result could be delayed until Thursday, and possibly until Friday, as election officials continue counting votes.

Biden is narrowing the gap between Trump and the Democrats are confident of winning the state.

Until any of the candidates receives 270 electoral votes, the result will remain unclear.

Even after one candidate hits 270, there could be recounts in nearby states and possibly even a legal battle in the Supreme Court.

Deputy Campaign Deputy Director Justin Clark said the Trump campaign is also seeking to intervene in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court case that deals with whether votes received three days after the election can be counted.

But the Pennsylvania attorney general told the Supreme Court on Thursday that he objects to the Trump campaign joining a pending dispute over vote delays in the Commonwealth.

The Trump campaign is also expected to request a recount in Wisconsin.

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Campaign director Bill Stephen cited “many Wisconsin counties”, without providing details.

Ahead of Biden’s expected victory in Michigan, Stephen said in a statement: “We have filed a lawsuit today in Michigan Claims Court to stop counting until serious access is granted.”

Deputy Campaign Director Justin Clark said in a statement that the campaign “is filing a lawsuit to prevent Democratic election officials from concealing the vote count and processing from Republican polling observers.”

Protests have erupted in cities across the country, including in New York, Minneapolis, Oregon, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and California, as the country awaits a final answer on who will be its commander in chief. The next four years.

Both Trump and Biden have claimed that they have won since the vote ended on Tuesday, with the president’s unfounded assertion of “fraud on the American nation” over the vote.

Donald Trump claims ‘fraud’, says ‘We won this election’

Trump said in a series of tweets that the social media company described as “misleading,” accusing Democrats of cheating and unfounded reports of dumping.

The Corona Virus The pandemic has seen a record 102 million votes cast by mail and absentee voice before or on Election Day.

This type of sound takes longer to count and verify, which increases the longer than usual delay in the results.

The bitterly contested election and protracted process of results have increased street tensions in some US cities.

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