Jaroslaw Stoyarski presented the Polish Olympians with the titles of “Special Ambassadors of the Lubelski Region” during a gala ceremony. Marshall Voivodeship Lublinsky spoke about the unique approach to sport in the region.

Pyotr Iwanczyk: Behind us is the great sporting celebration of the Olympic Games. Now is the time to celebrate in the region of Lublin, which in terms of sport can be proud of its distinguished ambassadors.

Jaroslav Stoyarsky: This is correct. Sports are only a certain element here. We are looking for exceptional people, companies and institutions who can show that we can be proud of the Lublin region on the international stage.

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What is the secret of this region that it can be proud of the many outstanding athletes who have won medals for Poland?

There are a lot of people here who are interested in sports. This is a professional, but also an amateur. We have many teams in different team sports that play at the highest level in our country. Our ambassadors this year will be: Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik, Malwina Kopron and Aleksandra Mirosław.

Does the path to such achievements go through academia and enable athletes to study and participate in training at the same time?

You have won the jackpot. AZS in Lublin is one of the best hotels in Poland. This is the right way. You must combine science and sport. One must also take into account the interest of the university authorities, who understand that it is possible to study at the same time, but also to play sports professionally.

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The full conversation with the Marshal of Lublin District – Jaroslav Stoyarsky in the video material.

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