Marta Walczykiewicz behind the podium in the K1 final at 200 meters from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Lisa Carrington was the best to win the third gold medal at the next Olympics at this distance.

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Marta Walchikevich

PAP / EPA / PAP / Leszek Szymański / Marta Walczykiewicz

Very strong feelings in the K1 200-meter final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. From the start Lisa Carrington was in the lead, unbeaten at this distance from the London Olympics. New Zealand’s third straight gold in the K1200 meter in the third straight session. Carrington will fight in the K2 final 500m on Tuesday.

Behind Carrington there was a fierce battle on the podium. Unfortunately, Marta Walczykiewicz initially stayed a little, which later had to make up for losses in the rest of the distance. The Polish team ran out of distance, and I reached the finish line just behind the podium, although for a moment the name of our representative appeared on the screens at the place of the medal. In the end, after recording the video, Teresa Portela took second place, Emma Jorgensen took third, and Marta Walchikevich took fourth.

Final results b:
1. Teresa Portela (Portugal) – 39.562
2 – Svetlana Chernigovskaya (Rosyjski Komitet Olimpijski) – 39.977
3 – Mingde Yen (Chinese) -40.365
4- Milica Novakovic (Serbia) – 40.527
5. Michael Russell (Canada) – 40.527
6. Ma Ching (Cheney) -40,652
7- Anna Karas (Hungary) – 41.242

Final A results:
1 – Lisa Carrington (New Zealand) – 38120
2- Teresa Portela (Spain) – 383,883
3. Emma Strand Jorgensen (Dania) – 38,901
4- Marta Walczykevich (Poland) – 39,170
5- Lenny Stencils (Sweden) – 39287
6- Dora Lukes (Hungary) – 39442
7- Francesca Genzo (Italy) – 40,184
8- Deborah Kerr (UK) – 40409
9 – Adrien Langlois (Canada) – 40473

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