A neat and tidy office will help you focus and fulfill your duties more effectively. How do you create the perfect work space?

Whether you are still working from home or returning to your office, a neat and tidy desk will help you stay focused and complete your duties more efficiently.

Research has shown that visual distraction in a busy work environment can make you unproductive and less focused. A busy office reduces your energy and focus, even if you don’t realize it

To help you organize your work surface and keep the space tidy and organized each day of your work, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips.

How to organize an office and why is it not so simple?

The best solution is to digitize as many files as possible to reduce clutter. It is recommended that you print documents only when necessary. For physical documents that are no longer needed, a shredder will come in handy, which, by the way, will be a great way to remove information containing sensitive data.

It’s a good idea to label each drawer in your desk drawer and filing cabinet to help you organize your files and easily find the print you want.

drawer organizer

To keep your office supplies like paper clips, pens, and markers tidy, you’ll need a sturdy multi-section organizer with removable dividers.

The multifunctional organizers are durable and fit most home offices. Matching compartments are available in different sizes, allowing you to adjust according to the size of the item.

If you have larger desk items that don’t fit into individual compartments, adjustable dividers can be used to keep everything in one place. Extendable to fit most drawers – just lift the side lever to adjust and lock.

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Tribal organizer

To avoid unattractive and potentially dangerous cable tangles behind a desk, it is worth investing in a cable organizer (eg for storage). Huawei Ultrafast Type C). It’s a mesh basket that mounts under your workstation, making it easy to access cables and wires but out of the way.

Another good idea is the elastic bands on the outside and the bent wire on the inside, in different colors that can be used to mark cables or simply to brighten up the workplace.

The third option is a cable box that accommodates unsightly power strips.

Organizer for stationery and office supplies

The rotating organizer is a good solution to easily store and access small stationery and office supplies such as push pins, magnets and paper clips. This box has compartments and a multi-level structure that includes a built-in sticky tape dispenser and a sticky note holder.


To encourage regular paper cleaning, invest in a shredder to get rid of delicate materials, including worksheets. This device will be useful both in the office and at home. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry that an unnecessary document will end up in the wrong hands.

Document folders

Folders are essential in any office. They will help check and fill out important documents. Easily fits inside the cabinet for essential prints. Each folder has clear plastic tabs and removable white label inserts for easy identification.