Two people were injured in a motorcycle and truck accident with a diesel engine. The motorcyclist got hung from the truck’s cabin and tried to force the driver to stop.

The accident happened on the northern coast of Santa Catarina (Portugal) on Saturday afternoon. After a rear collision, the motorcycle was towed 32 kilometers.

Diesel continued to drive down the highway with one of the passengers in the door

A motorcyclist was injured in the accident and was taken to hospital with a head injury. The 49-year-old motorcyclist for 32 kilometers did not give up Travel with the truck doorBy trying to force the driver to stop. Unfortunately, it did not work, and on this path only a few cars of the diesel driver were destroyed.

Thanks to the support of the police, it was possible to slow down and stop truck driverThus freeing the knight. The man was slightly injured.

The 36-year-old truck driver passed the alcohol meter test negatively, but his suspicious behavior caught attention. So, the driver ended up at the police station in Balneário Cambori. Responsible for the crimes of escaping from the scene of the accident without helping the victims and driving under the influence of intoxicating substances.

The truck driver collided with the motorcycle and refused to stop 32 km From P / IdiotsInCars

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