At the promoters’ meeting Tuesday, the championship teams were set. Six teams will compete in the Premier League – Belle View, Ipswich, Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Sheffield and Wolverhampton. Four teams will advance to the play-offs at the end of the season. The meetings will be “regularly broadcast” live on Britain’s Eurosport channel.

Eleven teams will take part in the tournament – Berwick, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leicester, Oxford, Newcastle, Plymouth, Poole, Redcar and Scunthorpe. The news that the Birmingham team has joined the competition is particularly cheerful, as the fate of that center has been in the balance in recent days. Fortunately, the “brummies” will enter the championship next season. Unfortunately, the Kent Kings could not be saved and they will not join next year’s matches.

The team building rules for the 2022 season have also been confirmed. The English Premier League equivalent KSM cap will be 39 points (six players + ‘rising star’). In the tournament, the limit will be higher (42 points) and teams will not need a “rising star”. As said, there are not enough players to enforce such a rule in both leagues.

The fate of the third level of the game – the National Development League – will also be clarified over the next few days. Detailed information will be released next week. Then the fate of Workington Comets, which we described a few days ago, will also be clear.

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