Summer spent on the backyard balcony is a great offer for relaxation – if you want to arrange this space, it is worth using the original furniture for the terrace. When you are looking for inspiration for an unusual lounge area, it is worth choosing one of the hottest trends!

Bamboo furniture for a modern balcony

Rattan furniture is currently one of the best sellers – it is light, durable and designed according to the latest trends. The wide range of items in this type of collection makes it very easy to find the perfect furniture designed according to your needs. It is worth placing techno rattan furniture on the balcony in the shade of a canopy – the relaxation space designed in this way will be appreciated by all family members.

Bamboo furniture on the balcony in boho style

A romantic and idyllic atmosphere can easily be created by using elegant rattan furniture. Boho style is one of the most used trends and is a simple way to noticeably accentuate the balcony. beautiful patio furniture Of these materials will be proposed by the brand Vimine from the manufacturer Gardenspace. The Vimine collection includes elegant armchairs, chairs, baskets and lanterns made of natural rattan – the hand-woven process gives furniture and accessories a unique character. It should be noted that the Gardenspace brand is concerned with the natural environment – the rattan used in the production of furniture comes from ecological farms with sustainable development.

Unusual furniture for the terrace – hanging chair in the form of a cocoon

When looking for ways to get away from everyday problems, it is worth using a hanging chair in the form of a cocoon on the balcony. A piece of furniture like this will surely catch the eye and make your entertainment space a unique place. The seat of the armchair is in a deep basket – it is protected from strong sunlight and wind gusts. The cocoon suspended above the ground is a stable structure that allows you to swing freely in the clouds, rest and nap.

Small Patio Furniture

With a small balcony, there is no need to give up rest close to nature. Coffee furniture on the balcony will allow for a neat arrangement and create a relaxation area for two people. An interesting proposal would be light chairs mounted on aluminum frames, where the seat and backrest are made of an innovative polypropylene rope. This cord does not stretch, does not absorb moisture, and allows the user’s skin to be constantly ventilated. The chairs will be complemented by a small coffee table.

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