F1 has arrived in Saudi Arabia, where it has been banned, among other things, violating homosexuality and basic human rights. “It’s scary,” says Lewis Hamilton, who has confirmed it’s not his decision to show up in the state.

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Formula 1 has reached countries that violate human rights – the competition was held in Qatar two weeks ago, and this weekend the share moved to Saudi Arabia. It gives rise to a lot of controversy, because, according to some experts and fans, the queen of motorsports should not appear in such countries.

Lewis Hamilton, who has already taken part in the rainbow helmet in Qatar, speaks loudly about repressed people. The 36-year-old has announced that he is likely to use it at the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia as well.

As I said recently, I feel that the sport and we drivers have a responsibility to make sure that there is an increased awareness of some of the issues that we see. It’s about human rights in those countries we’re in, Hamilton said, citing Racingfans.net.

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Out of respect for everyone here, the Saudis greeted me warmly. I cannot pretend to have a great deal of knowledge about the situation here or pretend to understand a person who has matured in this society, who is affected by certain rules and order here.

Hamilton then made words that the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix organizers might not like. – Do I feel good here? I will not say yes. However, it is not my choice to be here. The Formula 1 world champion said it was Formula 1 that decided we had to be here.

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The Mercedes driver drew attention, among other things, to the fact that Saudi Arabia prohibits homosexuality, for which one can be flogged or imprisoned. – If someone takes the time to read the applicable law here, for example in the context of LGBT people, it is very scary. Specific changes must be made here, Hamilton challenged.

For years, Saudi Arabia did not allow women to drive. This has changed, but at the same time there are still people in prison who have been arrested for driving. – Women can drive here as of 2018, but at the same time there are still many women in prison who have been detained for driving. This is another thing to change – summed up by the Briton.

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