Let’s let science learn about the Omikron variant; Let’s not succumb to media panic – said Dr. Love. Piotr Rzymski from the Medical University of Pozna. He added that since the emergence of this variant, many exciting speculations have arisen about it, which are not based on the results of the research.

Expert in medical biology and research at the Karol Marcinkowski University of Medicine in Pozna, Dr. Hap. n. med. Piotr Rzymski told PAP that from the moment the first information about the Omikron appeared, “almost immediately in the media space there were a lot of different speculations about it, which is also disturbing – only because it is not based on scientific evidence.”

As he explained, what is currently known with certainty about the Omikron variant is that it is a “record holder” in the number of mutations that lead to changes in the spike protein and that it is rapidly beginning to spread to different parts of the world. . “This is a message that the appearance of this variant should not be ignored, and it should be explored as soon as possible. That is why the World Health Organization immediately included Omikron in the group of variables of interest (VOC),” he said. .

Roman explained that earlier this group included the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta variants. He noted that these were at the same time variants that met the criteria for defining fear-inducing insanes. “At least one of the following conditions had to be fulfilled: greater transmissibility, effect on the clinical course of infection, increased risk of reinfection or to some extent reduced efficacy of vaccines or other methods of combating the epidemic,” – he said.

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He stressed that “at least one of these conditions was met by the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta variants. However, when the World Health Organization included the Omikron variant in this group, it has not yet been met.”

When Roman was asked why the WHO classified the Omicron variant as a group of concern, he replied that it was determined by practical considerations.

“Because the Omikron variant already features a record number of mutations, its inclusion in the list of variants of concern by the World Health Organization, but also by ECDC in Europe, has led to increased vigilance in epidemiological services in various places around the world, better tracking variant spread Omikron, reporting cases of its infection to global databases and launching various studies that will allow us to quickly identify the characteristics of this variant, and for this was the right decision, even if now was followed by an informational earthquake – he said.

“A quick reaction is needed so that the virus doesn’t walk away from us. Science will answer a number of questions about the Omikron variant, but let’s let it run in peace. And also keep calm, because the rules against SARS-CoV-2 haven’t changed, regardless of this.” The variant we are talking about ”- he noted.

Roman added that in the coming weeks there will be information on the results of various studies. These will be experimental studies, clinical observations and epidemiological analyzes.

“Initially we will have partial results, only when we collect more of them will it be possible to formulate a more definitive conclusion. It is therefore worth caution not to try every single media report from a simple research. These are just templates collectively to build a picture of this variant “- he pointed out.

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“When we have any questions, we expect to get an answer right away – and the research takes time. But not only that – it requires analyzes that overlap and collectively answer the questions, in other words – one swallow won’t spring here. “- he said.

Rzymski emphasized that one should not succumb to any “media panic” and wait for final assessments of potential threats related to the Omikron variant until reliable and objective research results are obtained. “In the meantime, it is best for people who are not immunized to simply take the vaccine. This will put them in an advantageous position against the Omikron variant, as well as any other variant; there is agreement on this in the scientific community” – he emphasized