The Polish actors won seven medals on the last day of HME 2021 in Toruń. Patrick Dubick won the only gold for white and red in the 800 meters, and Joanna Jouvek and Angelica Sichuka returned to a superb form. Pez Justina veti Erstik’s song “Aniołki Matusińskiego” arrived this time for the Bronze Discs.

  • On the last day of HME 2021 in Toruń, the Poles won seven medals
  • Only white and red gold was achieved by Patryk Dobek in the 800-meter race
  • “Aniołki Matusińskiego” without Leader Justyna Święty-Ersetic won bronze disc

HME 2021 in Torun Reached the end. On the last day of the event, we had several chances to get medals and used up to seven of them. It has reached exciting gold Patrick Dubick In the 800m race, which specialized in the 400m hurdles of the previous season.

They won silver medals Joanna Jovic The run is 800 miles Matthews PorkowskiWho ended up in Dobek. They stood on the lowest rung from the podium Pewter Lasik In pole vaulting, Angelica Sichuka In 800m relay 4x400m for women without Justyna wisty-Ersetic, Az Natalia CashmarekAnd the Małgorzata Hołub-KowalikAnd the Kornelia Lesiewicz I am Alexander Gaworsk And the Pawe Wiesiołek In seventeen.

HME 2021 in Toru: results on the last day

Medals have been awarded in up to 13 competitions: Men’s Triple Jump (Pedro Pablo Picardo(And women)Patricia MamonaPole vault men (Armand Duplantes(3000m men)Jakob Ingbrigtsen), Women’s 60m Running Race (Agla del Ponte60m Female First Lieutenant races (Nadine Visser(And men)Wilhelm Beluchian(Men run 800 meters)Patrick Dubick(And women)Kelly Hodgkinson(Men’s high jump)Makism Nedasekau) And women (Yaroslav MahoshikhIn the 4×400 m relay races for men and women (they won And dutch).

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Medal Ranking HME 2021 The Netherlands won at Toruń. Poland is in ninth place.

Record the report from the third day of HME 2021 in Toruń