The competition has just been settled.

The aim of the competition was to develop a small square area at the intersection of Kościelna and Dąbrowskiego Streets in Poznan, and to create a distinct point on the Jeżyce District map.

The competition was directed at sculptors and architects – artists working at the University of the Arts. Abakanowicz in Pozna, the idea was to combine two perspectives: architectural, urban and sculptural, and the synthesis of these two views should give interesting results in favor of the project. Finally, after the initial consultations, the participants were invited to develop four concepts; These were two teams of individual artists and artists, ”says Professor Bogomita Young – President of the new UAP Foundation and Vice President of the Abakanovich University of Arts in Poznan,

During the deliberations, the jury selected, almost unanimously, the concept by Dr. Hob. Igor Mikode, A. UAP and dr inż. the bow. It is a spatial shape related to the historical identity of the site and the contemporary problems of the region. It’s an invitation to cross it symbolically and thus get to know Kocielna Street – that’s what its authors say about their project.

The winning project will be proposed for implementation, although undoubtedly it will take some time. All procedures must be followed.

The competition is organized by the University of the Arts. Abakanovi? The investor who built the Fama Jeżyce property became the competition sponsor.

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