The past two years have shown us that in order to discover new and inspiring places, we don’t have to leave home. Regardless of the limitations, worlds far away can be within our grasp. Together with the PlayStation, we suggest how to travel not only around the Earth, but also back in time.

With the development of technology, our daily lives are changing, including console games. It’s not just about getting better graphics, but most of all about the gameplay. These are no longer simple stories with a few heroes, but complex and colorful scenarios in which we can explore the unknown for hours. In Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, we discover America from the future. Famous places, gnawed by the teeth of time, seem wild and mysterious.

The trailer actually shows us beautiful and varied locations that are fun for gamers. Some of them may look familiar. This is because the forbidden world of the West has emerged from the perspective of real places in the United States. Horizon Forbidden West takes place in Utah, Nevada, and California, among others. Thus the Dunes (Donehullo) are like the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas Valley Road known for its luxury casinos, and Daunt is like Zion National Park.

A virtual discovery of the United States from the future is entertainment not only for game lovers, but also for travelers who rarely catch napkins until now. While traveling through the Forbidden West, we will find many inspirations that will help us plan a trip to the United States off the beaten path. examples? Sequoia National Park is home to the world’s largest tree General Sherman’s Treebeautiful valley Yosemite ValleyHe is a source of inspiration for poets or very large arrayThe famous Radio Astronomy Observatory.

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You have already discovered the world of Horizon Forbidden West Kasia Mesinski from Channel 50 on YouTube.

– I visited lush forests and underwater cities, and learned about the customs of the tribal societies that lived in America in the distant future. I was born in the United States, so some places seemed familiar – he says.

Photos from the Expedition to the Forbidden West can be found in the late May Traveler!

What is the forbidden West? It is a majestic but dangerous frontier, hiding mysterious dangers. We travel through them with the main character – Aloy. Discovering distant lands, we fight against machines and meet new tribes. However, in the world of Horizon Forbidden West, we’re not just explorers. Our mission is to save life on Earth from another extinction. In order to succeed, we must take one step ahead of the enemy.

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