Lewis Hamilton cannot be sure of defending his Formula One title this season. The Briton is doing worse in the following races than Max Verstappen. “There have been many occasions where he could have done better,” says Bernie Ecclestone, who is skeptical about his compatriot’s upcoming success.

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Lewis Hamilton

Press material / Mercedes / Pictured: Lewis Hamilton

Before Lewis Hamilton, it was perhaps the most important race of the season – the British Grand Prix. Not only will the Mercedes driver race in front of his fans, but Silverstone has also in recent years favored the German team’s cars. If Hamilton loses to Max Verstappen at home, he will find himself in a very uncomfortable position.

Hamilton’s situation would have been different had it not been for the errors he did not avoid in the 2021 season. At Imola, the 36-year-old fell into a gravel trap, and in Azerbaijan he flew off the track after pressing the wrong button on the steering wheel.

The former Formula 1 coach has been tempted to say that Hamilton, at 36, may already have his best period. – I’ve talked about it with a lot of people and maybe Lewis wasn’t the fighter he used to be. There have been many occasions this year where he could have done better. However, this did not happen. Bernie Ecclestone said in an interview with the Palestinian News Agency that Lewis had not had a competition in years, the equipment was always at the top level and she didn’t have to put in any effort.

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The 90-year-old is surprised to see Hamilton sign a new two-year contract with Mercedes. – At the beginning of the year, I thought he wanted to win the championship and then retire. I wouldn’t even look at contracts because they can always be terminated. However, Lewis may have realized that fashion and music wouldn’t give him the same Formula 1 money, Ecclestone said.

The closest to the British Grand Prix is ​​added to the fact that for the first time in history we will be dealing with a qualifying race that will replace the traditional qualifying. “The moment you start looking for things like this, the story goes away, and that’s not good,” Ecclestone said.

– I don’t think this new system will work and I don’t think this idea will last in the long run. There is an uproar for no reason. Qualifying has always been an interesting part of the weekend, and now another race has been set up for us.

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