Whyte signs a fight contract that obliges him to promote it. But today Dilian is disappointing. Fortunately, Warren said, the fact that Tyson Fury will have his first fight in the UK in four years makes the public’s appetite for the match very high.

– Dillian does not do social media nor do interviews. where is he? He signed a contract and had obligations (…). All I want from Whyte and his attorney is to honor the terms of the contract. Whyte gets millions for doing nothing? (…) I will not succumb to pressure, I never did. He has to start sticking to the contract because he’s going to have problems. Do I have anyone who can replace Whyte if he doesn’t join the fight? We’ve secured everything (…) – Queensberry Promotions group head added.

– We started with 85,000 approved, then we got 90,000 and eventually we’ll sell 94,000 tickets, which is an absolute UK record – those are Warren’s words yesterday.

The amount put forward in the January tender to organize the fight, which the Fury team won – $ 41 million – was divided, by the way, by the union in a certain way. Fury will receive $29.5 million, 7.4 million from Whyte, and the winner will receive an additional exactly 10% of the $41 million (4.1 million).

The winner of the fight, Fury – Whyte, can take on the winner of the second bout planned for June, Anthony Joshua – Oleksandr Usek (IBF, WBA and IBF champions) in the fight for all stripes.

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