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W Desert and Wilderness is a youth adventure novel, written by Henryk Sienkiewicz, that has become an international bestseller. The events take place mainly in the desert, where Stas and Neil were kidnapped. In addition to the book, a movie was also made, which viewers immediately fell in love with. How did the movie Neil, played by Carolina Sokka, change? You will be shocked! The actress has changed a lot!

In the desert and in the wild It is one of the most popular novels, on the basis of which two equally influential adaptations were created. In 1973 it was performed by Władysław Ślesicki, starring Tomasz Mędrzak and Monika Rosca. In 2001, another movie was made, this time by Gavin Hood. Staś Tarkowski was played by Adam Fedosevic, while Carolina Sokka was played by young Neil Rollin. The action took place in the desert and jungle mainly in the places in the title. Stas and Neil are kidnapped and forced to go through an arduous journey, they encounter many unfortunate adventures. In the end, it all ends well, and after many years as adults, Stas and Neil fall in love with each other and get married.

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Into the desert and the wilderness – Neil’s transformation

at She is a fictional character, who, besides Stas, was the main character. She is the daughter of one of the directors of the company responsible for the construction of the Suez Canal. Although she and Stas experience a forced journey through Africa, it all ends well in the end. She played Neil in 2001 Carolina SokkaWho was only 10 years old at the time! How does the actress look today? Carolina Soka will turn 30 in 2021. Viewers may associate her with M jak Miłość, where she played Kalina, as well as from the series First Love, where she still plays Magda, a Mixer girl. Carolina has changed a lot since the time of Neal’s W Desert and Wilderness! See for yourself what the actress looks like after several years – she is beautiful!