Mercedes is having problems with the car at the start of the 2021 season, and in a few months there will be a technical revolution in Formula 1. This does not make the task any easier for the Germans. Starting a project next year at the wrong time can have serious consequences.

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Mercedes won the Bahrain Grand Prix, but over the weekend in Sakhir they had a series of problems with the W12 and Red Bull Racing was faster than the Germans by one lap. The victory in the race that opened the new Formula 1 season was largely due to Lewis Hamilton’s attention to long-distance tyres.

Brackley Crews are aware of the W12’s problems, but their job isn’t easy. Already in the 2022 season, a technical revolution will take place in Formula 1. Therefore, the team should focus on next year’s project in time.

If Mercedes continues to develop the current car for too long, it may not only lose out on the rivalry with Red Bull, but also poorly prepare for the new F1 hand in the 2022 season.

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All teams need to balance the resources they have because of the change in 2022. Nobody can afford not to do a good job this year. On the other hand, regulations that come into force in a few months will be in effect for several years. If a new era of Formula 1 begins after your rivals lose, it will be hard to make up for it, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff explained on

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Mercedes was unbeaten in Formula 1 in the hybrid era that came in 2014. However, even prior to this season, the cars were subject to minor changes that changed the motoring floor. According to Wolff, this is a move aimed at his team.

– Because of the recent changes, we have incurred greater losses than others. When we got to the track, we realized it. Now we just have to do the best job possible,” Wolf added.

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