On Monday (April 25), during a conference in Zabrza, a question was raised as to whether the Ministry of Health had any idea about the many vaccines against COVID-19. There has been a proposal to recommend the fourth dose of the vaccine to more people than before.

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Adam Nidzelsky announced on Monday (April 25) that talks with Moderna over the supply of COVID-19 vaccines are “going in a constructive direction.”

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– Certainly no recommendations will be made based on stock levels. They were created primarily on the basis of the recommendations of the European Medicines Agency, but we are also monitoring decisions in this area in other countries – confirmed by Zabrze Minister of Health Adam Nidzelsky.

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Health Minister on ‘Contract Reviews’ for COVID-19 Vaccines

– We are already dealing with a situation where contracts were signed in very tense circumstances, in times of a massive pandemic. It seems to us that it is time to revise these contracts, because the reality has changed, especially in the case of Poland, where for two months we had a case of refugee flows from Ukraine, of course as a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine – explained Adam Nedzelsky.

As he said, there were negotiations first, and the talks were aimed at finding a compromise. – Unfortunately, the talks with Pfizer did not end with any constructive solution, so we had to use official steps and send a notice of termination (contracts – ed.), using the premise of force majeure – told Niedzielski.

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The head of the Ministry of Health also noted that dialogue with other suppliers of COVID-19 vaccines “looks much better”.

– I mean Moderna. There is some room for agreement and making contracts more flexible – Niedzielski assessment.

“We must remember that the European Commission is also a party to the whole thing,” the head of the Ministry of Health noted. We expect from the European Commission very clearly, said Adam Nidzelsky, a real European solidarity, not one consisting of statements, patting him on the back. He explained that it was a matter of solidarity, “which bears responsibility, including financial responsibility.” Referring to the influx of refugees from Ukraine into Poland, Nedzelsky said that Poland, which is on the front line, is currently bearing all the costs and there is no division and no co-financing.

– With our modernizers, our conversations are moving in a constructive direction. When it comes to the conflict with Pfizer and the European Commission, we are in the 60-day window when the company will respond to our formal steps. We are also in the process of finalizing the selection of a law firm that will represent our interests under Belgian law in pre-trial proceedings. I still hope that there is room for compromise – concluded the Minister of Health.

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Grzesiowski was astonished that vaccine contracts were broken. “It can be done in a civilized way”

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