Learning about autonomy in schools, a competition for knowledge about the area, and eventually elections similar to those held before the end of the term of the “real” local government – this is how the Youth Council of Limanua Bufat can be determined.

Preparations for setting up a youth council in Limanowa Poviat have been in place for more than a year, but work has been slowed by the pandemic, especially by distance learning in schools.

The first stage, which will eventually lead to the establishment of the Youth Council, is the introduction of self-governance studies into the secondary schools run by the district. It will likely take place in September, with the start of the new school year. Currently, the details of the chapters are still unknown.

There are also plans to organize a competition where young people have to demonstrate their knowledge of the Limanowa poviat region, including issues such as the structure of the authorities or the scope of their tasks and the competencies of local government.

We discussed this initiative with Limanowa County Council Chairman Ewa Phillipeak. – In my previous tenure, at 38, I was still the youngest counselor in the area. I lacked allies to implement new ideas, that is, people who think more innovatively than representatives of the older generation. I also know how difficult it is for young people to get on electoral rolls, and therefore in municipal and local councils. Local governments lack this young generation’s voice, which is very important, that’s why my office is always open to young people – Ewa Phillipeak confirms.

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According to the assumptions, the formation of the Youth Council will be elected by vote, and the election procedure will be organized in the manner of real local government elections. After the establishment of the Limanowa Poviat Youth Council, its deliberations will likely take the form of remote sessions.

In an interview with us, President Ewa Filipiak emphasized that before this happens, a lot of work needs to be done in terms of amending the regulations that will regulate the activities of the Youth Council.