The city planted nearly 100 acorns along the bike path. UM Racibórz’s photo

In 2020, 126 new trees, 300 shrubs and about 40 thousand flowers were planted in Racibórz. This year, the Mujahideen. Długa, to be planted in the Mujahideen. Matijco, Castle Park and Ruth Park.

On the bike path leading to Łężczok, at ul. Gluica, Racibórz, planted 97 Fastigiata oaks.

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– Together with our municipal services, we work to develop more green solutions in Racibórz. On the one hand, it is a response to the reported needs of the population mainly in the course of work on the city development strategy, and on the other hand, a coherent implementation of the planned activities. In addition to the new farms, there is, among other things, conceptual work on the creation of a new park in Racibórz. Here, for the time being, I don’t want to disclose any further details. These actions are coordinated by the two deputies, David Waklavczyk and Dominic Konichny, as President Darius Poloy explains.

At the end of March, the city began to turn green for the Mujahideen. Tall, dozen or so decorative prism cherry trees, as well as juniper, lavender, lavender, and ornamental flowers are planted. – This spring only we will plant a total of 160 trees and up to 800 shrubs. In addition to the alley along the bike path, many new transplants are taking place at ul. Matijky (from the intersection with Słowackiego Street towards Opawska Street), a hornbeam ‘Fastigiata’ will grow there, and we will also plant poplar and white oak trees in Castle Park and Roth Park – VP Dominik Konieczny lists.

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In 2020, 126 new trees, 300 shrubs and nearly 40,000 flowers were planted in Racibórz. The implant itself is the end product of a longer design process where many complex aspects have to be considered. Plants are chosen so that their height, width and habits match a specific area, perform appropriate functions, and at the same time do not block apartments or impede communication. In Racibórz, in addition to the aforementioned tree species, we grow black locust, cherry plum, weeping willow, hawthorn and maple – the judge explained. Trees are located in green spaces on the side of the road and in parks, squares and green spaces. Some plantings are implemented as replacement plantings – 23 pieces, of which 21 are in roadside greenery, and the rest are new plantations. Among the shrubs are dogwood, a shrub with short foliage and ground cover roses. Various varieties, snowballs, and varieties of Tavola appear in Roth Park.

World Earth Day will be celebrated in a few days. Taking care of every piece of green space is a great commitment for future generations. Immediate action is required. One such initiative on the part of the city is the Kwiatki Agatki campaign, in which we have invited kindergartens, schools and associations to create small flower meadows. Our suggestion was met with great interest. The campaign also has an educational dimension, because we teach the little ones the benefits of nature. We also look closely at the center’s green spaces, and want to continually enrich and diversify them – says Vice President Dawid Wakwazek.

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At the same time, work continues on the creation of flower meadows in the city space. New areas for flower meadows are gradually being prepared by the municipal services. It will be built this year on three sites: in the green area at ul. Drzymała – meaning the extension of Moniuszko Square, opposite the Tax Office, in Ostrog at the exit of Castle Roundabout – a green area on the side of the Biedronka store and on the islands at the bus stops at Plac Konstytucji 3 Maja.

Urban flower meadows improve the aesthetics of the city and provide the possibility of close contact with nature, but most of all they enrich the ecosystem and have an overall beneficial environmental impact on the environment. It absorbs pollutants, cools the soil and loosens them up, making rainwater penetrate easily and stay for longer. Compared to traditional lawn, they need to be mowed more often and this means less exhaust gas. These are just a few of the many benefits of creating flower lawns in cities. In the fall of last year, the city organized educational workshops for the residents and we planted a meadow in the Green Zone next to the cemetery of the Red Army soldiers in the Mujahideen. Reymont at Racibórz. A flower meadow with a house for insects has also been established in Jordanovsky Park.

Together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, the Municipal Engineer and the Municipality Department, we are planning more activities. In the coming days, we will announce a new version of the Zielono Mi Competition to promote the care of green spaces in your place of residence or work – by informing Dawid Wacławczyk. This year, in addition to the previous categories: balconies / loggias and terraces, new spaces will appear: green spaces in workplaces, gardens in residential homes, as well as new farms and the revitalization of previously neglected and uninhabited areas.

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