All tennis fans have been waiting for this scene. After winning with Aryna Sabalenka, Iga Świątek again threw the racket in a gesture of victory. The reaction of her father, who somehow replaced Thomas Wiktorowski in Stuttgart, also says a lot. But it couldn’t be different.

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Iga your lips

PAP / EPA / Pictured: Iga Świątek

Tomasz lips, without a trace of a smile, raised his fist clenched in the air for a long time. The tournament, which we would quickly forget if Iga had been eliminated at an early stage, turned into a landmark event.

This was confirmed by Daria Abramovich, a sports psychologist with whom Iga has been collaborating for years. After Saturday’s match with Lyudmila Samsonova, which seemed to lose at one point, Abramovich posted a pulse chart from a smartwatch on Twitter. After this meeting, I burned 246 calories. Everyone will admit – it was a match with an amazing story. Earlier, the psychiatrist commented on the victory with the following words: “On such days, on such days, you build for years.”

This is the guide for the entire tournament performed by Iga. Of course, the value of the competition cannot be compared to the Grand Slam tournaments (because it’s the WTA 500), but what if Iga won the longest match of her career in Stuttgart, broke – many times – the Polish record in a streak of victories, and almost returned from the afterlife when she gave fans a turn Great in the match against the Russian women.

Iga Świątek's joy after the last ball of the finalIga Świątek’s joy after the last ball of the final

On Sunday, it was different – Świątek was back in steady control of the match and didn’t give Sabalen any chances. The Belarusian woman had no arguments, and perhaps Iga chased after her throughout the meeting. In Stuttgart, there was everything that was needed to use the experience gained in the near future for the major tournaments.

If you use Abramowicz’s entries, there’s another one worth mentioning. The event after the final victory of Ega was very different from the comments after Saturday’s match. And “#stepbystep” is very short. In addition, pictures of a car (an additional prize for winning), a tennis ball and four – this is the number of championship victories for the Polish woman this season. The work is done, we are continuing – just like that.

And I must write what I ended up with a comment on Saturday – you will feel even more joy when Iga wins not only the semi-finals and the final, but also by beating Russia and Belarus, respectively. Without personal criticism – representatives of the countries participating in the criminal invasion of Ukraine should not be allowed to participate in any of the international tournaments.

Although they have already played – the image of the victorious Iga with the Ukrainian flag on her hat is invaluable.

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