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It is difficult to comment on a situation where a large company releases new equipment, but it forgets to publish drivers for it.

Seems unbelievable? And after. This is how Intel launched its Rocket Lake-S processors, which although they are available for sale as of March 30th, still have drivers that support the integrated graphics chip.

That is, the driver is there because the journalists who were preparing for the tests of the premiere of the new systems got it. Only, someone forgot to make the package available to consumers, he noted Love TV.

The files involved are neither on the Intel website nor in the motherboard manufacturers’ repositories. In short buyers Rocket LakesIf they want to take advantage of an iGPU – which isn’t too rare these days, given the availability of standalone graphics – they have to wait patiently for Intel to wake up. Alternatively, we hope a journalist will help them.

The situation is even more bizarre as the product seems to know about confusion, but for some reasons it only knows itself to react very slowly. Intel Vice President Lisa Pearce announced in a short tweet that the driver would be “in a few weeks”.

It’s not clear what the problem is, because the media package – which good software editors have had the chance to read, by the way – doesn’t look like an early beta at all and works well. I admit, I have no idea why the blue folks just don’t want to put it into production, thus exposing themselves to the sarcastic comments.

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In short, nobody knows anything. Czech movie. The only question is who allowed a great premiere in this disorganized back room.