Experts from BPCA (British Pest Control Association) indicated that the lockdown completely changed the habits of mice in London. They noted that the people who stay in their homes generate more waste than usual, which has exacerbated the impact of these rodents’ migration to residential areas.

In typically crowded malls, most mice may struggle to find food these days – offices, stores, restaurants and bars remain closed, and streets are scarce.

The BPCA, which has more than 700 companies that deal with unsubscribing, indicated that the average number of calls during the first shutdown increased by 51 percent, and during the second – 78 percent. The group does not have data on the current third close yet, but – in their view – further growth should be expected.

The pest control company – Rentokil – also said that in 2020, the number of interventions increased by 37% overall. Compared to 2019

“There have also been reports of changes in rodent behavior and evidence that mice and mice can reproduce unimpeded in empty office buildings,” added Bale Blackhurst of Rentokil.

“The rodents are resourceful and always move to where there are food sources. Due to the closure of many ready-to-eat restaurants during the siege, it is likely that they will move to other areas,” he added.

“I fear London will be a big surprise when it reopens,” said Paul Claydon, an Epping Forest specialist in pest control.

Metro / Marcin R.