polishing Footballer scored in the history of the German League, and took the record from the legendary Gerdoi Molyroy. However, in the United States, more interest has been drawn from sports fans to the PGA Grand Slam Golf Championship and Formula 1 qualification in Monte Carlo. From the Bundesliga, domestic fans’ attention has focused on the fate of Werder Bremen, with Sargent in the team, who left the league after 31 years.

Real football after all Fans In the United States we appreciate Robert’s achievement and his marketing value. His image here will definitely gain value. Liu is the best striker in the world, and if he decides to play only here, MLS will welcome him with open arms. – Values Janus Michalik, Born in Poland, Former American Actor and Currently ESPN Expert.

This station has the broadcast rights for the Bundesliga matches, but during the final round chose to cover the prestigious PGA Championship golf in South Carolina, and in “two” the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix qualifiers were broadcast.

Lewandowski’s duel with goalkeeper Rafael Djikjevic and defender Robert Jomny, who played for Augsburg, can be watched on the live broadcast. ESPN +. But Michalik, a former youth actor, was not among the commentators polishing.

TOh not the times when I was called up to help out every game with the Poles. But I see it as a good sign, because Lewandowski and Beshchik, who also ended their beautiful career in Borussia Dortmund on Saturday, are recognized trademarks. And Lewandowski? In the corridors of ESPN, colleagues speak of him only with appreciation and respect – Michalik added.

One of the commentators working on the broadcast was for this Stephen’s friend, European champion in Germany since 1996. When asked at the start of the match about his opinion of Gerd Muller’s record, he said he was convinced that the pole would improve the achievement of his famous compatriot.

I have a few Sad Because of this, because Mueller is a legend in German football, but I know Lloyd is unstoppable. His colleagues will do their utmost to assist him in this historic achievement – He recognized the winner of the 1997 UEFA Champions League.

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Until the end of the first half the score was 4: 0, but … there was no goal for the pole. When was the last time you watched a Bayern game, you scored four goals in the first half and Lewandowski was not on the scorers’ list? Freund asked the co-commentator.

On TwitterWhere the word “Lewandowski” was among the loudest, it was full of fun MemesThat showed the crowd of Augsburg defenders in preventing the Poles from scoring and their controversial joy at a job well done.

Meanwhile, US commentators appeared to be looking the other way. Some complained about his relegation from the Bundesliga Werder BremenWhere the Americans play Josh SargentOthers, like Sports Illustrated journalist Grant Wahl, drew attention to events in England. I like history Brentford. One game from promotion to the Premier League – Notice.

As the minutes passed and Lewandowski missed the net, Frinaud recalls: Personally, I don’t mind it ending this way. Let Lewi and Mueller share this record!

Then came the 90th minute, when the Bayern striker had possession of the ball that Jikievic had shot, passed it and sent it into the net. The record became a reality. Somewhat at the same time, the first congratulations, and not very many, were sent from American football professionals.

“I have a weakness for Gerd Muller, but my sympathy for Lewandowski is at its peak right now. Congratulations to you and Bayern for this amazing achievement,” wrote Taylor Twillman, a former US national and FOX Sport commentator.

In the summaries, the WhoScored.com portal calculated that Gikiewicz – before he gave up – saved six shots of his countryman. “It is safe to say that if it did not happen, then it is possible that he could not count on a Christmas gift from Lewandowski,” – the joke tweet.

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Lewandowski in Twitter He also “applauded”, among other things, a Polish heavyweight boxer who lives near New York Adam Konaki. A professional MLS judge, born in Stalowa Wola, also joined the congratulations Robert Sebiga, Who admitted that he discussed the record many times with colleagues.

Each of them admires Lewandowski. His game, the form he achieved, and professionalism on and off the field. Personally, I had great hope that he would succeed, because he deserved it by working hard – The referee, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, said he was preparing to serve in the CF Montreal-FC Cincinnati match, which ended in a 2-1 away win, with goalkeeper Przemysław Tyton among the substitutes.

An hour after the meeting, references to Lewandowski’s record surfaced, among others on Sports Illustrated.

“The Polish international waited for the record-breaking until the last minute, grabbing Leroy Sane’s shot and struck the ball in the net in the last act of the match” – it was written and mentioned that this is another success for the pole, and he is currently the best player in the FIFA world and contributed to Bayern’s victory in six Competitions in 2020 and now Bayern are in the ninth consecutive title in the German Bundesliga.

However, the account ends with a description of something Lewy has yet to achieve. “If he wants to be the most successful goalscorer in Bundesliga history, he still has to go after Mueller,” he recalls. Aged 87 goals.

Speak in the same tone Stefan Orsfeld, German ESPN correspondent.

Lewandowski, who has scored an average of 28 goals in the season since joining Borussia Dortmund in 2010, is below 90 goals for Muller at all times. He is under contract with the Allianz Arena for the next two seasons, so it appears that in order to break that record it will be necessary to extend the contract. The journalist suggested.

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Pole who once mentioned that he would like to move to MLS one day is a recognized brand in the USA. Recently, Sports Illustrated’s Brian Strauss gave him a lengthy interview, which will be showing before the European Championships. He was helped by Michalk.

Bayern are a great team with their headquarters in Manhattan, so this event will definitely be mentioned somewhere, even if it is for information only. Thanks to this, anyone not interested in football will discover on a daily basis that some poorly known Poles have broken the long-running record of a German whose name no one knows. Lu, who once mentioned that he would like to play in MLS, marketing will definitely help, as this feat will be mentioned every time there are rumors of a transfer with his participation. – Summarized Michalik, who will be a guest at TVP Sport studio during the European Championship broadcast in the summer.

American footballer Alexei Lalace, known for years, also spoke about Lewandowski’s record especially for PAP. The first US Serie A official said he was thrilled with his admiration for one of the greatest snipers in history.

We should celebrate his stability and ease – at least to the eye – in achieving goals over the years. However, I think that unfortunately – even though he has just broken Gerd Muller’s record – he is still underestimated. He may not have the brilliance of Messi, the personality of Ronaldo, and the youth of Haaland, but at the same time there is no club in the world that does not want him in his line of attack. – he commented.

Lalace admitted that I would be in Cloud Nine if he played the pole in NFL.

Because he does what is harder in our sport – he scores goals. In this cruel way. In fact, I think this record means nothing, as it does not alter the fact that Lewandowski is an invaluable player for his current or future team. – He confirmed.