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The first was Andrew, and the second was Lyndon B. It is possible that Dwayne will be the third president in US history. The well-known “The Rock” admitted in his last interview that he did not rule out participating in the presidential elections within four years. The actor admitted he would decide to run for the state’s highest office if “people want it.” And everything aims to make them desire.

The highest-earning former football player, wrestler and American actor has revealed his “potential” interest in moving to the White House. As he said in an interview with USA Today, he “keeps his finger on the pulse and his ear on the ground” on the issue of running for president. I think “The Rock” really likes the post, because he actually talked about it in 2017 in an interview with “GQ” magazine. When asked about his presidential ambitions, he said, “I think it is real.”

A year later, Johnson said in an interview with Vanity Fair that he is considering proposing his candidacy in 2020, but has given up for now. During this election, he finally supported Joe Biden’s candidacy, stating that he was not in favor of the party that politician represented. He described himself as a “centrist” because he had previously voted for both Democrats and Republicans. So the role of the Independent Candidate suits him better (another celebrity, Kanye West, was a candidate during this election).

In other interviews promoting the sitcom Young Rock, Johnson admitted that in his youth he was arrested several times for quarrels, theft and “other stupid things”. His father was a wrestler who was doing better and worse, so the house often lacked money to pay the rent. They were constantly moving around. Dwayne calculated that they live in 13 US states. When he was 15 years old, his family was expelled from their studio in Hawaii. They then divorced and he ended up in Nashville, where he lived with his father’s friend Bruno Lauer. For those who presented him with a luxury pickup truck this past Christmas.

In his teens, Dwayne admired “powerful” actors: Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and … he was ashamed of his name. He introduced himself to the girls as Thomas. During this period of his life, he was in a gang operating as agents of high-end stores. “We cut the money, the clothes and the jewelry are very expensive,” he admitted to The Sun. Such a past from running for president should have prevented Johnson from running, but he believes he has changed with his upbringing and found meaning in life as a good person. But is the image of a “trans bully” and its 218 million followers on Instagram enough to entice American voters? Time will tell.

The first episode of the comedy series “Young Rock” aired on February 16th on NBC. (Life PAP)