Polish arrangement. Should the government pay migrants to return? [OPINIA]

Polish arrangement.  Should the government pay migrants to return? [OPINIA]

The next citizens will return to them polishing Thanks to the declared tax credit. In 2022, they should be able to reduce their annual taxable amount by an amount 50 thousand PLN. Maybe next year. Of course, it is possible that everything will be divided into details, which applies succinctly to all the solutions proposed in Polish Lada. The description of the Immigrant Relief Pit takes one short paragraph in the document. However, we must actually ask about the rationale and fairness for such a solution.

Obosieczny argument

Back to polishing Immigrant laborWhoever left our country after 2004, the current ruling coalition has made itself a point of honor – if it can be talked about in politics. This motto matches well with the letter “Get up from your knees” After the wrong years of our ancestors’ rule – then our countrymen left to get bread. The return of at least several hundreds of thousands of immigrants to the Vistula River will be a major argument in the ongoing election campaign in Poland as the ultimate proof of Poland’s entry into the first league under the Law and Justice Party Act. However, if the vast majority of immigrants choose to remain in the UK or Scandinavia, competitors can take advantage of that failure. As proof that the Law and Justice Party’s narrative of rapid modernization is just overcoming the froth.

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No wonder that at the beginning of 2017, in an interview with Sky News, then Deputy Prime Minister Morawiecki He appealed to the Poles from the United Kingdom to return, because “that would be good for Poland, and not necessarily bad for Great Britain.” Two years later, at the Polish Job Fair in London, he was Minister of Entrepreneurship at the time Jadwiga Emilewicz She convinced the Polish immigrants to return not only with lower unemployment, but also with a higher level of safety, which would have decreased dramatically in Western Europe.

It is more dangerous than attracting our citizens …

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