In her new year speech, Merkel spoke about the dramatic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and the challenges this situation poses for rulers. It was and remains the political, social and economic challenge of the century – evaluated. The German prime minister warned that the “historical crisis” may continue until the end of 2021, despite the hopes presented by the vaccine. These are difficult times for our country. She said it will take a long time.

I think I am not exaggerating when I say: In the past fifteen years, we have never considered the past year difficult and we have never, despite all our fears and doubts, looking forward to the New Year with such high hopes – Merkel emphasized.

This is probably the last New Year’s message as prime minister. Merkel, whose fourth term ends this year, will not run for the position after the fall of the Bundestag elections. Therefore, within a year, he could only take office if the process of forming the new government was delayed.

Former Secretary of State Witolde Waszkowski referred to her speech on Twitter.

“I will not cry for Merkel. It was a year of breaching European law, the federation of the Commission, the brutal implementation of German interests in climate, gas, relations with China, the strengthening of the Russians, the displacement of the United States from Europe and the weakening of NATO,” he wrote.


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