Of all the allies of the United States, Japan has the largest number of American forces. The country could become an important hub for military maneuvering in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. On Tuesday, satellite images showing military exercises organized by the Middle Kingdom were published in the network.

They recreated a Japanese fighter plane. The Chinese want to test the effectiveness of their missiles

An image taken by researchers from Planet Labs shows a dummy of a Boeing E-767. These machines are used by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF).

Experts stress that Japanese aircraft can play an important intelligence role in the event of an escalation of the conflict in the Pacific. Thanks to special equipment, they detect enemy machines and missiles that are invisible to ground radar.

Su Tzu-yun of the Taiwanese Institute of National Defense and Security stresses that the puppet prepared by the Middle Kingdom aims to develop a comprehensive strategy for preventive strikes. According to the researcher, at the beginning of the conflict, the Chinese military wants to exclude Japanese aircraft from combat.

The expert stressed that China’s efforts to improve the accuracy of ballistic missiles are aimed at expanding the military’s capabilities to launch a surprise attack in line with Beijing’s political line.

China is building mockups of “hostile targets”. However, the invasion is not a foregone conclusion

These are not the first phantom targets that the Chinese have made in the desert. Some time ago, the media circulated pictures of military facilities similar to those on the Japanese island of Okinawa. In response, the United States intensified missile defense in the region.

Analysts stress that while China already has a significant military advantage in the Pacific, the invasion of Taiwan is by no means a foregone conclusion. Everything will depend on the policy of the head of state, Xi Jinping. The majority of experts say that China will gradually increase its combat capabilities, but an attack is unlikely in the near future.

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